Sunday, July 8, 2012

A New Beginning

A couple of years ago I had started writing a book. My life was in a major transition and had lots of emotions going on. As I was writing, my life went through many changes quickly and I had to stop because I lost focus about the purpose of my book. Because life changed and still continues to change, I decided that a blog was the best way to capture these changes as well as all I have experienced over my life's journey. Now what to name my blog. Daisyology was suggested by a friend. It may sound a bit self-centered...but the reality is that I can only write about what I know. Even if I research a subject which I have little or  no knowledge, it becomes something I know. To make my blog more expansive and interesting, I will be posting ideas of others giving them the due credit and I may even do a short interviews about these people.

My blog will inform or discuss on: healthy living, healthy eating, relationships, art, music, literature,metaphysical arts and philosophy, innovations,new inventions, the environment,.human rights, animal rights...some current events.....and will definitely do very little on politics and almost nothing on religion. Politics and religion become much too controversial and volatile. I prefer to stay more positive, fun and inspirational. I want my writing to bring me and others pleasure. If I get  comments on my blog, I may or may not reply. I have no desire to spend my time arguing with people.

Hopefully, you will see these types of improvements as I learn. I invite and welcome all of you to read my blog, Daisyology....A different point of view.

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